screenshot-79 Lazar Djurdjević – BC “Polet” Ratina, (First Regional Serbian League)
Lazar Djurdjević (19 y.o) talented point guard from Kragujevac has become a new member of our network. He is playing for BC "Polet" Ratina, (First Regional Serbian League - West). In his career, he was a member of many teams: - 2007-2010 KK "Kolonac" I place - Mini basketball League (2007) II place Junior League *He was regular participant...
Open positions
contemporary-wall-stencils SCHOLARSHIPS IN AMERICA!
Several NCAA universities are looking for players who are ready to study and play in USA. At this point, all these schools are offering full and partial scholarship. Also, we are looking for young players for other level in USA (High Schools, Prep schools, Junior college and NAIA colleges). Except USA, we are looking for young players (U18) interested...

"Talent is enough to win the game, but it requires teamwork and intelligence to win the title."
- Michael Jordan -