FILIP SAMOJLOVIC/ top level Point Guard

Filip Samojlovic
We are presenting you our new member, Filip Samojlovic, 27 years old basketball player from Belgrade, Serbia. He is 184cm tall and he can play on the booth position PG/SG.

Filip has all qualities for the top level point guard. He is a very quick player with or without the ball. He has excellent ball handling and passing abilities. Filip has a great court vision and he knows to run his team pretty well. Except for his great basketball skills, he is also unselfish and he will do everything necessary to help the team win the game. Probably, his biggest weapon is his P&R game where he can easily penetrate or make the assist. Thanks to his excellent court vision, he makes big problems to defense when playing P&R and he always finds an open man or uses little space for penetrations. He is a pretty good shooter from perimeter positions. He was suffering from shooting for 3 points but he has improved this a lot. He is one of rare modern point guard that has kept old skill of shooting off the dribble and he has the high percentage of those shots. In defense, he is very aggressive and he can play all types of defense from full-court pressure to man-to-man half-court defense. Filip is the very smart player and he is completely focused on his basketball development. He uses his off season for individual work-outs and for skill development. Probably, his only weakness is his size but he has mastered his game to the level that he uses his size as his strength. (Interperformances).

E X P E R I E N C E:
Position PG/SG (1/2)
2016/2017 BC Olimpica Cerignola, Italy.
2015/2016 BC Lousitania, Portugal.
2014/2015 BC Chernomorets 2014, Bulgaria.
2013/2014 BC Zlatorog Lasko, Slovenia.
2012/2013 BC Steaua, Romania.
2011/2012 BC Samedicino, Georgia.
2010/2011 BC Torrelodones, Spain.
2008/2010 BC Mornar, Montenegro.
2006/2008 BC Beovuk, Serbia

You can watch his highlight video in our video library section.

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