About me


Nenad Ilic is a FIBA Coach in Serbia with a lot of experience in the basketball environment, he got it over the years as a coach, scout, consultant, and through workouts with players at all levels.

During the last 10 years, he has been working as Coach with youth divisions in Serbia. Thanks to his knowledge and the passion that he shows for basketball he is often hired as a personal coach for individual workouts with talented young players.

Over the years he specialized in technical and tactical skills for players at all levels, from the beginners to the professional level, as well as athletes.

Founder of Basketball club „Basket IN” in Serbia with a big networking on it. He is also one of the organizers of the International Basketball event called “Find time for basketball,” which is now hosting more than 1000 young players.

Nenad was born on 1987 in Smederevo – Serbia.

At the age of 13, he began to play basketball in local basketball club in Smederevo. He began his career as a basketball player and going through the categories at the BC „Basket In“. In season 2008/09 he has played for BC „Smederevo“ in First Regional league. He got many achievements individually and in groups.

He studied with the Basketball Federation of Serbia (KSS) for getting the highest coaching certification in the country and the FIBA License.

„Being a coach is being a leader in some way. First of all, a coach is an educator. In order to teach others, one must firstly and constantly find new ways to make a personal progress and accept all persons, and learn from them. He must respect the opinion of others. A coach is a spiritual leader of every team. The very fact that every day for the past ten years I have been working with children and young people, and  during those ten years I had coached somewhat more than 300 children, and that I had achieved some remarkable results with them (not only in competition), speaks of the way I work and of my abilities as a coach, and as of a leader as well. Working with children and young is what fulfills me and during the training, I tend to, first of all, help them develop into psychically and physically healthy persons, and future basketball players. That is my mission.“

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