Lazar Djurdjević – BC “Polet” Ratina, (First Regional Serbian League)


Lazar Djurdjević (19 y.o) talented point guard from Kragujevac has become a new member of our network. He is playing for BC “Polet” Ratina, (First Regional Serbian League – West). In his career, he was a member of many teams:

– 2007-2010 KK “Kolonac” I place – Mini basketball League (2007) II place Junior League *He was regular participant of National training camp twice a year, in Požarevac under the patronage of Basketball Federation of Serbia
– 2010/2011 KK “Basket TOP” II place- Regional Tournament (2010/2011) II place- Quality League (2010/2011) (playing for both “96 and “97 generation, at the same time)
– 2011/2012 KK “KG Student” I place – Regional League (playing with “96 generation)
– 2011/2012 KK “Radnički student” Senior section
– 2012/2013 KK “Basket TOP” Regional Serbian Cadet League Second Regional Serbian League – West 2
– 2013/2014 KK “Radnički 1950” Regional Junior League
– 2014/2015 KK “Radnički 1950” Quality Junior League of Serbia
– 2015/2016 KK “Polet Ratina”

Lazar is true PG, the leader on the court, scorer, but also player with great court vision and a timeless assist. He has excellent dribbling ability and very good ball control.

You can watch his highlight video in our video library section.

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